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October 24, 2020, 09:00:39 pm

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Topic: 296: SWORDS!!!  (Read 10766 times)


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296: SWORDS!!! #60
Can't get it prescribed to you I guess??

e: BUDK's whole thing seems to be "we will mail you stuff and it's up to YOU to decide if it's legal to receive" so I imagine a lot of their market is people who are going "I wish I could get X but it's procedurally difficult in my jurisdiction"
And I imagine that if they tried doing that with drugs you can render into meth, they'd get in actual trouble, so they stuck with antibiotics.

e2: I would not be surprised if BUDK had a "legally we cannot call this a start your own meth lab kit" item
THE CURSE OF THE WITCH OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB, September 24, 2020, 10:26:52 pm

This is an essential oils extractor and certainly not a still for making booze. No sir.

Mr. Hunky Academia

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296: SWORDS!!! #61
If you are poor and can't afford health insurance it's going to be more expensive to get an appointment and a prescription I guess. Same reason people are buying fish antibiotics.
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296: SWORDS!!! #62
I was just relistening to this episode and something struck me that I didn't think about until now.

What possible reason would somebody have to purchase bootleg amoxicillin from a catalog website?
Lemon, September 24, 2020, 09:41:59 pm
It treats bacterial infections of the throat and stomach, must be sword swallowers.
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