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October 02, 2022, 04:18:25 am

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Sep 8 08:32am
There used to be a fantasy themed theatre troupe that not too many people knew about really but a lot of theatre people were into it and it was pretty influential.

It had a big imp act.
Sep 8 04:21am
Monokuma's belly button is a great username
Sep 8 12:44am
I wish I could say that this is the worst thing I've ever listened to.
Sep 7 07:51pm
I only made it about 35 minutes in before feeling like projectile vomiting onto my computer screen.

Reddit is for posting pictures of bread and cats, not listing out the various ways you're turned on by potentially real abuse and the resulting literal tears, dear god
Sep 7 08:00am
I met my wife on Reddit but thankfully not on a personals subreddit.

It was a politics subreddit. Wait, that’s worse, isn’t it?
Sep 7 05:51am

CTRL+V and post it (post #1351)

Honestly, I really just wanted to get rid of my MacBeth curse more than anything. All those years I couldn’t even say the name MacBeth, it actually held a lot more power over me than it does now. Things are a mess now but getting better and I see brighter days on the horizon I think.

My real curse was the family I was born into, and that’s the real reason things are such a mess for me right now. I’m dealing with it the best I can and asking for help in all the best places I can think of.

But ever since I was in that damned play, I swear everything got a hundred times shittier still…

Oh. Merry Xmas 🎄
Sep 7 05:16am
I don't know if it would help to explicitly state this, but:
No one will judge you for choosing to sit out an episode. Not just the gross ones-- if you think something will hit close to home or make you upset, don't listen to it. No one wants the listeners to have a bad time and there will be another episode soon.
Sep 7 12:48am

Find An Episode (post #172)

I know this because I still come back to it every so often d(^_^)b
I forgot this was mostly your fault. Thanks, fucker.
Sep 6 08:41pm

Find An Episode (post #172)

anyone remember which episode of Garbage Day had those fuckers make me read that horny Ernest Cline poem?

I know this because I still come back to it every so often d(^_^)b
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