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June 05, 2020, 04:05:45 pm

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2 Spooks
Jun 5 07:22pm
LORD POLONIUS: Therefore, since brevity is the dark soul of bonfire witó
[audience stands up and starts clapping furiously, hollering]
Gamer Shakespeare in the wings: "writing for these pigs is fucking easy"

4 Neal
Jun 4 10:30pm
I've posted a partial preview of my upcoming sci-fi horror RPG, Aphelion, for anyone who wants to take a look.

5 Shell Game
Jun 4 05:47pm
Rock flour is not stone ground, but ground stone
A Meat, Yesterday at 07:42:21 am
ground Fraggle is not rock stone, but Fraggle Rock

6 A Meat
Jun 4 12:42pm
Rock flour is not stone ground, but ground stone

7 Spooks
Jun 4 12:06pm
What do you mean I overuse quote unquote quote quote unquote unquote quotation marks?

8 A Meat
Jun 4 08:37am
people who are into coprophagia are typically depicted as being jovial in countenance (note the popular idiom "shit-eating grin")

9 A Meat
Jun 3 08:33pm

10 auaurorau
Jun 3 12:43pm
if you sit down on the floor, you get a whole new outlook on life
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