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February 15, 2019, 01:56:59 pm

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21 Sham bam bamina!
Feb 14 07:11pm
Lou has a Literotica episode, but this story is not in it.

22 Achilles' Heelies
Feb 14 04:19pm
That sounds like some Lou Reads shit, is it Lou Reads?

23 Spooks
Feb 14 02:29pm
NSFW content. Click to show.

24 beelzeboob
Feb 14 02:24pm
I actually donít remember this either but either way I am burning up to know why you need this episode

25 thelizzerd
Feb 14 06:13am
Iíve only been listening for about a year and have only listened to episodes 148-291 except episodes 200a, 200b, and the live shows. (my listening patterns are weird donít judge me) it definitely isnít in any of the ones Iíve listened to so far. So Iíd say itís definitely before episode 148.

26 thelizzerd
Feb 14 06:00am
I recommend the f plus to a friend today. Maybe heíll end up on this thread someday.

27 ClaraTinSoldier
Feb 14 03:56am
Not a rhetorical question or quiz. I remember listening to an episode where there were 3 lesbians, one dom and two subs. The dom I believe was a nurse, and her older sub was naturally paralyzed and the dom cared for her, changing diapers and such. Through the course of the story, she meets the younger sub who wants the dom to give her a spinal cord injury to make her more paralyzed than the old sub. I think one of these women was named "Karen."

I know there's some of these elements in episode 51 "she thinks my sex are spexy," but I am sure there's another episode somewhere.

I think the source of this is literotica. I remember Lemon making a joke about how he would get viruses from looking at the site. Literotica itself (of course) had zillions of results fitting these criteria, so was not useful in narrowing it down.

I combed through the archive and didn't find anything that fit. I don't think there's been a dedicated literotica ep, so it might've been in an episode where it was short pieces, like 87 "so clearly you all hate us" (I listened to that one recently, and it's not that one)

I asked Lemon and he doesn't remember either. Does anyone know what episode this is?

28 ikaribattousai
Feb 14 01:28am
SHERMAN TANKS!!!, February 13, 2019, 02:51:35 am

I am almost 100% sure he cut this video where the run time was exactly 4:20.

29 Wrought
Feb 13 06:50pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1041)

Also STOG: Stand back everyone, I'm going to create a new parking space!

30 Shell Game
Feb 13 06:06pm

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