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June 01, 2020, 12:24:26 pm

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41 Spenny
May 25 08:46am
i think this sentiment has already been expressed, but holy shit this episode is so good

not to single anyone out, but Adam's "Charles, I am going to the Opera now" bit, goddamn

42 GirlKisser420
May 25 08:22am
The worst posters online are medieval warfare pedants. I don’t care if the armor isn’t realistic and theyd be better off with a spear. Shut da fuck up im trying to talk about dungeons and dragons

43 Shell Game
May 25 05:49am
Some people don't take hints. Some people don't take hints intentionally. Which are you? Paid for by the Hint Council.

44 sockpuppetkingdom
May 25 03:23am
This episode is so good. The "christian college" story made me completely lose my shit laughing.

Honestly makes me wonder how much these people can take.

46 Antivehicular
May 24 11:46pm

Mix, May 24, 2020, 06:16:01 pm

"I love you, featureless rectangle!"

47 Mix
May 24 11:16pm

48 A Meat
May 24 10:23pm
the fact that Obelix's dog in the English translation of Asterix is called Dogmatix will always make me happy, it's a translation getting a pun better than the original, which is Idéfix

49 GirlKisser420
May 24 09:17pm
Something needs to be done about vtubers

May 24 08:23pm
Please, that's clearly an MFA candidate's work.
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