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August 24, 2019, 11:40:36 am

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1 beelzeboob
Aug 24 02:19pm

Actually started crying while watching this. He has some of the same tics as me. He's the protagonist, the main character, he's not a joke, he's a hero. And he has the same tics as me.

As an adult sufferer of Tourettes, I have spent many years being ostracized, bullied, dismissed, and misunderstood. Up til now my media representation has been as the butt of a joke at best. I am so tired of hearing South Park and What About Bob references, and those tools were used to belittle and marginalize me growing up. Even now when introducing my condition I say “tic disorder” and not “tourettes” because of a history of being mocked and treated aggressively for my diagnosis. Seeing this means the world to me. Seeing this means the world to future kids like me. Knowing that maybe the conversation surrounding this condition can change is so amazing. Christ, hearing a major actor with the same tics as me... god, that means everything. I will be seeing this movie. I hope you will, too.

2 GirlKisser420
Aug 24 12:17pm
Whoever invented Sichuan food was a huge dumbass. Let’s just put a billion chillies in this oil, and then instead of taking some out, just put in put some pepper that makes your mouth numb. You’re not allowed to use any vegetables that aren’t chilli unless you’re putting spring onions on top

3 Wrought
Aug 24 05:08am

296: SWORDS!!! (post #55)


5 Turbo Sexaphonic Delight
Aug 24 12:24am
Is everyone a dumb bitch, or is it just me?

6 Spooks
Aug 23 11:17pm
You could say I'm a male feminist, yeah, I am a pretty big admirer of Simone de Beauvoir, given how much I love sucking Jean-Paul Sartre's cock with every sentence that I post Online.

7 chai tea latte
Aug 23 08:19pm
I did not have textual relations with that woman.

8 Bobguinary Novel
Aug 23 03:54pm
Introducing The Retina Revue, a band composed of ophthalmologists, playing their number one hit "Gotta Keep Em Dilated"

9 boooo566
Aug 23 01:22pm
I very much enjoy the music of Taylor Swift, except her lead singles which have tended to be shit.

10 A Meat
Aug 23 04:42am

308: Is It Edible? (post #33)

Granted, it's funnier than "Is It Nergal?"
Neal, August 22, 2019, 09:54:14 pm
which in turn works better than Ereshkigarfield
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