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October 24, 2020, 08:51:55 pm

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Topic: F Plus Quotes Thread  (Read 249209 times)


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F Plus Quotes Thread #1200
"I think you're a little bit off-message there, pothead."

"What? No, I'm... just... it's just... I'm getting to the story, man, it's just happening, it's getting really good—"

"Oh, really, are you? OK."

"—oh, you're gonna fuckin' love it, 'cause, 'cause I know how this story ends—"

"Oh, good."

"—'cause this is my story—"

"Yeah, sure, yep. Mm-hm?"

"—so boy it's gonna pay off, I'm so glad."

"Boy, it sure is."

"You're gonna love this. Uh, everybody listening to this podcast, this story's really gonna pay off, 'cause I know how it ends, I definitely, I know this story—"

"Yeah, yeahyeahyeah, oh, oh no, Boots, your microphone, it's, uh, it fell down... a well... Fell down a well! Well, seeing as how that horrible thing happened to your microphone, I guess we'll just have to switch over to Adam!"
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F Plus Quotes Thread #1201
Lemon: Jack Chick, what did you just find?
Jack Chick: Heavily Excessive Precum! That's when you engage in an RP when a character, typically unrealistically endowed—
Boots: I would say it's—
Jack Chick: produces an exceptionally large amount of—
Kumquatxop: [laughter]
Jack Chick: produces exceptionally—
Adam Bozarth: It's so small!
Jack Chick: produces exceptionally large volumes of precum, including, but not limited to,
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F Plus Quotes Thread #1202


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F Plus Quotes Thread #1203
Here's your boner that'll be $5.99