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September 28, 2021, 06:09:03 pm

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Sep 28 09:20pm
nightcore versions of alvin and the chipmunks songs
Sep 28 03:14pm

Porn Poems (post #124)

My penis is
a Decepticon
a grower
not a shower

My penis is
an Autobot
transform —
and roll out

Your vagina is the AllSpark
Sep 28 02:30pm

Porn Poems (post #124)

"pilot in new Mexico hot air balloon
that killed five
had cocaine, marijuana in system,
FAA says".

Hey, man.
Don't kinkshame.
Sep 28 02:28pm

Porn Poems (post #124)

you are
the iced coffee
with whom I walk in ten minutes late
And everyone stares
And they're beneath us.

Later tonight,
I'm beneath you
And the iced coffee
is a venti grande mocha
Sep 28 06:42am
[hastily doing some google searches to see if there's any overlap between historical sex rpers and boxing fetishists]
Sep 27 08:10pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #1208)

Smith, C.U.M. 1976. The Problem of Life: An Essay in the Origin of Biological Thought. New York Halsted Press (Wiley).
Sep 27 06:50pm
posting this in here because I really wanted to share it with somone, did you know the smithsonian will just give you the 3D digitization of Abe Lincoln's fists?

Sep 27 02:48pm
what if there was a version of F-list where instead of sorting fetishes into yes and no lists you had one for musical subgenres? like you'd be able to specify that while you're into city pop and dancehall, you're a maybe on synthwave and eurotrance but a no on microtonal music and folk punk
Sep 27 10:42am
You're ONLY supposed to blow your bloody nose off!
Sep 26 04:48pm
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