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January 27, 2022, 08:56:17 pm

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Jan 27 11:28pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #1265)

A tree, of course, is a pre-existing and relatively cheap technology that sequesters CO2 in wood and other biomass.

When scaled up, it's called a forest.
Jan 27 09:20am
They should give ships racehorse names. I can't wait to go aboard the SY Lost in the Fog (full name SY Lost in the Fog Save the Day), that would give me a lot of confidence of the ship's ability to navigate the waters.

Maybe when I board I'll say something like "Hey, I sort of know about this ship, his sire was Lost Soldier, (sire of 10 stakes winners and son of Danzig, who was the son of Northern Dancer). His dam was Cloud Break, a successful broodship; she also produced the stakes-placed How About My Place, by Out of Place."

Then when the ship inevitably hits a fucking rock and sinks due to nominative determinism, I'd sort of opine "I have seen Lost in the Fog hats and Lost in the Fog shirts and Lost in the Fog oil paintings being sold alongside Lost in the Fog tote bags. I have seen a LST N FOG vanity plate and sipped a Lost in the Fog martini made with a hunk of dry ice.

I have heard people speak of Lost in the Fog, a 3-year-old ocean liner who happens to be the most exciting ship in America, and swear they see in him the handiwork of God -- the lopsided blaze along his bow, for instance, which is regarded with about as much reverence as the imprint on the Shroud of Turin -- and I have beheld the hunk of metal on a cold gray dawn in Albany, steam curling off his back and everyone around either too awed or too tired to talk, and I have, if only for a moment, understood why people might say such things."

Then, however, I would understandably eulogize his demise with the cold facts "Located directly below his deck, one inoperable lymphoma ran almost the length of the ship's hull. Mechanics at University of California at Davis, where the post-mortem also was performed, originally thought that tumor to be about one foot long. 'It went all the way from his stern to invade and erode his forecastle and bulkhead', said Dr. David Wilson, director of UCD's large-ship clinic, who was part of a team of shipbuilders and specialists who worked with the ship. 'It also involved his rigging, keel and hold compartments. It actually invaded one jib and compressed both. It came right up against his main mast, Wilson added. "He had experienced swelling in his mizzenmast and that was no doubt caused by the tumors pressing on ratlines'. In earlier tests, the large tumor had been partially hidden from view by other compartments." In addition to the primary growth, Lost in the Fog bore a football-sized tumor in his anchor."
Jan 27 04:41am
That is one elegant dog.

This episode makes me sad I've lost touch with my old theoretical physics grad student friends, as I would have introduced the revolutionary multiverse loaf theory to them.
Jan 27 02:09am
Giving ships and aircraft people names is perverse. No I will not get aboard Nigel Fentonbury, that's disgusting.
Sauce, Yesterday at 03:36:51 pm

christen a ship the boris johnson and then scuttle it
Jan 26 11:08pm
is it still iced tea if the ice melts? what about if you just put it in the fridge instead of putting ice in it
Jan 26 09:36pm
Giving ships and aircraft people names is perverse. No I will not get aboard Nigel Fentonbury, that's disgusting.
Jan 26 01:28am
We're doing really well right now. I think opening a new front is not only 'not a mistake', but good. Let's do it.
Jan 25 08:42pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1240)

"Uh, hey hey hey, uh, hey F Plus?"
"What up?"
"It's time for pornography!"
Jan 25 05:33pm
woke up in the elegant dog sitting loaf
Jan 25 03:36pm
That being the case I would side with Chai and say we take Lujiang. Thank you for the explainer, this is really neat.
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