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July 19, 2018, 12:12:17 pm

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2 Ashto
Jul 18 05:48pm

3 Ambious
Jul 18 05:46pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #953)

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4 Spooks
Jul 18 04:28pm
I know the American audience goes gaga over this stuff, so, guys, I invite you to the premiere of


5 Spooks
Jul 18 03:49pm

6 Mix
Jul 18 02:39pm
A podcast where the hosts livewatch all of Bleach
named Tite Pods

7 Seth "Slimy" Rollins
Jul 17 03:53pm

8 BrainedBySaucepans
Jul 17 11:49am
I've decided that the first major project I'm doing when I have a workshop again is going to be a hand engraved rendering of loss.jpg.

9 Spooks
Jul 17 11:40am
i know i'm not doing this right

it's called collaborative worldbuilding

10 DetectiveSlowpoke
Jul 17 02:53am
I actually might be able to make this. My weekends are Sunday Monday so I gotta just make sure I have time off saved up
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