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October 02, 2022, 04:15:37 am

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Sep 25 05:23am
pronouncing mcrib as m'crib.
Sep 24 12:43am

CTRL+V and post it (post #1351)

Mules (or pack mules) are animals that are ridden and used for carrying large amounts of supplies. They have a reputation for being stubborn and kicking. They may have some relation to donkeys as they are also known as asses.
Sep 23 09:58am
The Devo porn collection (ignoring the ones that are already sex puns and also the real one from the wikiporno episode):
Nude Traditionalists
Three Dommes of Choice
Booty Now for the Future
Gapes of Steel
Hard Patrol/Mr. T&A
Through Beating Wood
Time Out for Cum
Most Gross Modern Man
Sep 22 10:58pm
Sep 22 10:32pm
I accidently fell asleep listening to this episode (not due to the context I just was very tired). I don't know how I didn't wake up with an awful dream.
Sep 22 10:19pm
Oh THAT'S why they call it "Chap"stick
Sep 22 09:28pm

Find An Episode (post #172)

Where does up the butt temperature slut come from?

It was Toast's answer in one of the Jackbox games, but I can't recall which one or what the prompt was
Sep 22 07:44am
Shell: Sorry Tuttle, I keep forgetting this is empowering, continue
Julia (dying): I'm so empowered, I'm so empowered
Sep 22 07:27am

Find An Episode (post #172)

Where does up the butt temperature slut come from?
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