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March 29, 2023, 11:28:39 am

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Mar 29 09:50am
some Jazz Jizz standards:

Take the Gay Train
Goodbye Creampie Cunt
Thong for my Stepfather
Scrote Gets in Your Eyes
Angel Thighs (or monster cock Guys if you wanna stretch Angel Eyes even more)
In Wanked Pud


Hoes of Harlem, also known as Coochie's Concerto
Mar 29 08:44am
Loaf shifted again, we didn't get wooly mammoth burgers back but we do have them in meatballs now.

Salubrious Rex, Yesterday at 06:59:52 pm
It looks like poopie.
Mar 29 05:00am
More like UnHINGED Living am I right
Mar 28 11:59pm
Loaf shifted again, we didn't get wooly mammoth burgers back but we do have them in meatballs now.
Mar 28 08:00am
It's weird how readily we accept the fact that the Latin alphabet has lowercase and uppercase letters like it's a thing we have to have in a language
Mar 27 10:42pm
I hold so much sympathy for the people whose minds were blown by the music of The Beatles. I get it too, right, even if it's so old you can hear what's special about it. But I'm sorry, I simply can't - I wish I could but - I cannot have my mind blown by it. Time has passed, can you seriously expect this shit to have any effect on me at a time where 100 gecs exists? It's like me doing a pound of cocaine and then being asked to appreciate the beauty of a sunset. Get real.
Mar 27 04:38am

CTRL+V and post it (post #1398)

Also buy an eBay cement mixer, this is technically my third cement mixer.

Turn up and the guy is a bit flustered. and in a suit.

Quickly load up and get out of his way. He's an undertaker, quite busy at the moment, and has an emergency funeral or whatever to attend. His cement mixer is immaculate, it won't stay that way.
Mar 26 10:22pm
thank you so much for that art. I got flashbacks of how happy I was to have a dude bring an extremely badass samurai fighting zombies into erotic roleplay about getting stuck in a window
Mar 26 09:47pm
death by a thousand getting-hit-on-the-head-by-a-squeaky-toy-mallet
Mar 26 08:52pm
After Johns Wick 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 - Parabellum set the bar for sheer bullshit so very high I was concerned they might struggle to reach it in Chapter 4, but I'm pleased to report they disposed of every last spec of reason, continuity, and coherency and successfully made almost three hours of things that were definitely happening on screen without ever considering whether any of those things made sense. I don't think they even thought about whether to consider whether any of those things made sense. I'm not sure this post makes sense either, which makes it the best summation of the film I can offer. 7/10 would watch Rina Sawayama in anything.
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