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May 24, 2018, 04:41:37 pm

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1 I Liked That Joke
May 24 09:31pm
Hooray, another human being who liked Iron Man 3! Everyone I know either hated it or didn't watch it. Personally, I think it's my favorite Iron Man (Iron Man 1 didn't hold up super well in my opinion. I still like it, but it just feels wonky).

2 AgentCoop
May 24 09:21pm

4 Can I turn Sherman into Tank?
May 24 08:53pm
Tag Suggestions Exchange: "golgafrincham", "incomprehensible", "insanity", "learning how to act human", "numberwang!", "sneezing", "very popular websites"

5 Wrought
May 24 08:32pm
If your fantasy/scifi setting is so stupid that you need other people's help to try and make it make sense, give up because you've already lost

6 KingKalamari
May 24 08:17pm
Wait, I'm looking in the doc at the non-binary computing post you guys skipped over and I straight-up think it's the same as the guy featured in this Retsupurae video:

7 Can I turn Sherman into Tank?
May 24 07:46pm
Are our new bird overlords Tolkien-like, by any chance?

8 Lemon
May 24 06:29pm

9 Ambious
May 24 01:32pm
Is there a phone spam law in the US?
I keep getting calls from this US based company trying to sell me investment packages.
Not sure where they got my number or how they know I'm a US citizen.
In Israel I can sue them if they don't stop calling me after I specifically asked them to remove me from their lists.
Is there such a thing in the US?
They seem to be California based if that matters.

Edited: To be clear, I'm not actually interesting in suing anyone because that's stupid.
I just wanna get them to stop calling me.

10 Cleretic
May 24 09:41am
And now, more of the MCU:

Captain America: The First Avenger is the best movie of the first phase of the MCU, largely because it manages to be the same movie the whole way through, and doesn't forget its themes or abandon its interesting setting. Chris Evans is also the most charismatic leading man so far in the series by a long way, and they manage to depict an inherently kind of ridiculous fighting style in a way that works really well.

The Avengers is a movie that's more interesting for what it's trying to do than entertaining for what it's doing, but it's still pretty entertaining. I remember at the time, Red Letter Media noting that it manages to do well at delivering what every central character is fun for without short-changing anybody, to the point where you can watch it as just one of their movies that happens to have some other guys in it, and that's true; if you like Captain America it's a good Captain America movie, if you like Thor it's a good Thor movie. If we follow on from that, it's arguably the best Iron Man movie, and it's definitely the best Hulk movie.

Iron Man 3 is good, and I especially love the buddy-cop dynamic between Stark and Rhodes and the abundance of really reactive, mobile fight scenes with a ton of environmental work, but there are so many small things they could have done to make it a whole lot better. Present-day Killian is a totally bland 'charming villain man' with nothing interesting about him, and they totally killed the impact of Stark losing all his suits by giving him forty of the fucking things. That climactic battle would've worked a lot better if they shaved it down to only versions of the Iron Man suit that we actually recognize; hell, they didn't even use the most striking 'extra' suit he's got, the updated version of the original built-in-a-cave chunky armor that's always in his workshop scenes.

Thor: The Dark World is a movie that nobody talks about. And I understand that, because it adds basically nothing to the overall story of the MCU that wasn't already in place from the first Thor. But it's still a crying shame that it's neglected, because god damn is all the Asgard stuff fun to look at, and that final battle is phenomenally clever. We don't get enough high fantasy that's that high aesthetically, it reminds me of my days playing modded Oblivion (strangely, not Skyrim, Oblivion is a lot closer).

Also, I understand why my brain works like this, but it's still funny to me that any time you set a fantasy movie in modern London and have some before-the-final-battle exploratory stuff, it immediately reads as a Doctor Who episode to me.
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