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July 26, 2017, 03:48:22 am

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1 Yavuz Sultan Selim
Jul 26 03:59am
I saw the podcast referenced a whole bunch on SA, but it took someone linking to Bunnybread's Paula Deen impression for me to start listening.

2 Lost Season
Jul 26 03:18am
I saw the podcast referenced a whole bunch on SA, but it took someone linking to Bunnybread's Paula Deen impression for me to start listening.

3 Shell Game
Jul 25 03:33pm
Frank West was on fire this episode.

4 Shell Game
Jul 25 02:02pm
I'm not even sure he talked about magic ever.
I think that's proof his magick is working.

5 GirlKisser420
Jul 25 12:29pm
I have never laughed harder than when I was researching for the doc and found the poetry thread that magickinqu hijacked to write raps about monster cock sex.

He's a unique individual and I have no idea how he ended up as staff on the site. He posted in a "tell us your magickal mishaps" thread about how his friends threw a guy off a bridge, and then about a girl he was fucking having a diarrhea attack mid-coitus. I think he somehow stumbled out of a pornhub board and into the wizard forums. I'm not even sure he talked about magic ever.

6 Lost Season
Jul 25 11:04am
I found another one of these time travel forums  (forum.curiouscosmos.com) and I'm really amazed at how similar it is to paranormalis. Lets take this thread as an example. You've got people posting crazy fantasies:

Quote from: Kyline_hillon
My name is Kyline. Iím a history professor from the year 2713, at a university which is in 2016 called Yale University. My specialty is in the history of the early 21st century, from 2000 to 2030. Iíve visited multiple time periods in my life time, most often 2006, 2012, 2021, 2003, 2016, and 2025. I canít tell why Iím here, but I will say that every time I come to any of the time periods Iíve listed, Iím shocked at the amount of sexual degradation of females. By the way, that will take about 100 years to finally (mostly) get over. Gender roles are completely different in 2713 than today, in fact mostly opposite. Iím also shocked at the prematurity of 21st century education. In about 400 years, classes will all be in universities and each one only will last about three weeks. Anyway, I just came to tell you that most of the ďtime travelersĒ here are fake, because an actual time travel mechanism was not invented until 2591, and not fully developed until 2636.

Common question: How do you speak 2016 English? Well, I do study this time period as a career, and have been here several times, so I have fully adapted to your English.

Also, watch out, because the next U.S. President is going to be a huge instigator of the 2062 economic depression, and the President in that year was even worse than the 2017 President. I hope you voters are happy.

People trying to make it all about them:

Quote from: blueyu
can you help me to send a post to 2014 or early of me? Just for my health.
Quote from: WilliamsRevenge
Can u go back to 2062 and see what I'm doing? And how my future is looking like?

And just absolute nutters:

Quote from: AnotherWorldyDevice
2. Sexual degredation of females? If I have my way (and I will), childbirth will be taken away from women entirely.
Quote from: Einstein
Hi Kyline

I just have one question. Will all the members of the Democratic party be hunted down and exterminated after the election results this year?

...wait, that last poster... It can't- it couldn't be, could it?

Quote from: Einstein
Hi Diego

Remember me?

I passed on the old TEC files to Num7 over at Paranormalis.

NSFW content. Click to show.

It is! It is him! What a world!

I couldn't find anything on this forum where he defends nazis, but lets see what else he's been up to:

Quote from: Einstein
I kind of look at it as our government has been taken over and is now run by terrorists. And since war has been declared on terrorists, it is perfectly legal to kill terrorists.

Ah yeah, that's good shit. Need some more?

Quote from: Einstein
This was an interesting topic I researched last year. It is definitely a disease you do not want to get. If you do get diagnosed with cancer here in the United States, seriously consider abandoning all treatment options provided by the medical community.

There is a very simple cure that is known to work. Just stop your food intake of all carbohydrates. Cancer cells because of their mutation can only use carbohydrates for energy. But healthy cells can use carbohydrates, proteins and fat for energy. This treatment has been known about for more than 40 years. I think it is surprising that it is not general knowledge.

There is the alkaline diet that many claim has reversed a variety of ailments including cancer. And there currently is a smear campaign going on to steer you way from using this diet. I can understand why. The junk food industry would go out of business if everyone went on this diet. You did know junk food was bad for you, didn't you? So what is so special about this diet? It turns out that healthy people have a blood PH of 7.1 to 7.3 which is slightly alkaline. People that habitually consume junk food will have a blood PH in the low 6.0 range. It is known that cancer patients will have an even lower PH in the 5.0 range. So what is your blood PH? Turns out you can find out with a cheap PH tester. Make two full mouthfuls of spit and either swallow or spit it out. Make another mouthful and spit it in a shot glass. This method exhausts your saliva glands of any residual acidic bias. What you spit in the shot glass will be a very accurate level of what your blood PH actually is. Measure the PH. You might be surprised at what you see. The average American is 6.5 PH. That's what mine was 4 years ago. And I had the beginning signs of arthritis in my thumb joints back then along with symptoms in my left hip and neck joints too. I made the switch. The arthritis symptoms went away. I haven't even had a cold in the last 4 years. So my rule is, if it comes in a box, bag, or a wrapper, don't eat it. Personally, I think prevention is the best way to go.

There is a new pill in clinical trials that is showing very promising results for treating cancer. DCA is what it is being called.

Potential cancer drug DCA tested in early trials - Cancer Research UK - Science blog

I would suggest stocking up on this drug before it is outlawed. As it most assuredly will be, here in the United States.

The Rife Beam Ray machines back in the 1930's were successfully used to treat and cure cancer. The FDA and AMA successfully suppressed and outlawed it.

There have been several herbal treatments developed that also cured cancer. All debunked here in the United States. I find the Essiac cure to be amongst them.

Essiac: Nature's Cure for Cancer | Cancer Tutor

There are many more. But you wont get any of the benefits from any that work here in the United States. It is like the AMA and FDA want you to suffer horribly and die if you get cancer.

Of course! Carbs cause cancer! Bless you, brilliant time-traveler!

7 Sanguinary Novel
Jul 25 03:41am
Hello everyone!

After a few suggestions, I've created a new thread over in the "How I choose to spend my time" section called The ballp.it fridge.  This thread is much more open to what can be posted, and hopefully will encourage more people to contribute. Please post in the new thread, if you could.

Or you can stay here, that's fine too :3

8 Ashto
Jul 24 07:07pm
Good luck Zekka! Make sure to keep your guard up so they can't hack you from behind!

This... this is like BattleBots, only with humans fighting to the death instead, right?

9 Lemon
Jul 24 03:14pm
118 shirts ordered.

As GirlKisser said, these will first be available at F Plus Live. After F Plus Live, I'll email everybody who preordered with a secret link for their first dibs. Then, after a couple days of that, we'll make that link public.

10 Shell Game
Jul 24 02:46pm
Blastoise from the pastoise.
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