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May 25, 2019, 12:58:22 pm

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21 Wrought
May 24 10:40pm
i'm not sure this Dr. Fleshlight person is an actual physician

22 ikaribattousai
May 24 10:26pm

Brag about your pets (post #207)

Adding another picture of my cat.

23 Dr. Buttplug
May 24 10:17pm
a modern remake of Frankenstein but the monster's just the sexdoll that those guys made out of a mannequin
Pavlova, Yesterday at 05:15:36 am

I can see the forum posts now-

“Oh no no, the doctor was named Fleshlight, not the monster”
KendrickLobstar, Yesterday at 06:58:05 am

Please stop doxing me.

24 Friend Anemone
May 24 10:06pm
That Sans reference was like being hit by a fucking semi truck, holy shit

25 Carbon
May 24 09:53pm
Mr. Hunky Academia, Yesterday at 04:08:49 pm
Insane Clown..................................................Poatse

26 Spontificus
May 24 09:50pm
Jung totally lost me when he started discussing the collective ass.

27 Shell Game
May 24 09:34pm
"Well, it would be pretty embarrassing for Brock if he had to eat a chocolate penis." - Malt

28 Mr. Hunky Academia
May 24 09:08pm

29 Wrought
May 24 08:30pm
Today, I learned I really enjoy the way the Heavenator says "Chocolate".

30 Spooks
May 24 08:24pm
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