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August 21, 2019, 10:10:50 am

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21 Adam Bozarth
Aug 20 06:07am
It really is the best ice tho

22 Mique
Aug 20 02:40am
Little Seizures

23 Dr. Buttplug
Aug 19 10:28pm

308: Is It Edible? (post #28)

To me he's the Anti Kadir Buxton, but where Andy wants to help the world with his ideas, Hans only cares about himself
A Meat, August 19, 2019, 02:39:05 pm

So the Hansberger method would involve you headbutting him to express your recognition of his superiority and good health?

Also in answer to best food for punching.

24 Neal
Aug 19 10:17pm

25 A Meat
Aug 19 07:39pm

308: Is It Edible? (post #28)

To me he's the Anti Kadir Buxton, but where Andy wants to help the world with his ideas, Hans only cares about himself

Aug 19 07:28pm

308: Is It Edible? (post #28)

His fixations and the way he writes remind me of the Jar Jar boobs guy, but with dieting instead of Star Wars trivia.

27 KingKalamari
Aug 19 05:46pm

308: Is It Edible? (post #28)

So I've been spending the last twenty minutes trying to understand Hansberger's...everything. He seems to be really, really concerned about his dietary restrictions, but not for any sort of ethical or health reasons. As near as I can tell he's convinced he's some sort of special and intellectual wunderkind, has realized that a lot of notable people throughout history have had dietary restrictions and has thus decided that's a thing he should also do and is...trying to establish reasoning behind this through trial and error?

I mean obviously there's something going on in this guy's head and his thought processes don't line up with conventional logic, but there's usually some kind of internal consistency with this sort of crazy...

28 chai tea latte
Aug 19 04:50pm
I tried watching the first ep of the Netflix Sabrina show, which was pitched to me as 'Riverdale for ex-Catholics and goths', but all I could focus on was that Sabrina is played by the actress who was Sally Draper and it's like, i know your fictional tv childhood was weird but would it really make you fictionally act out like this as a teenager?

Very distracting. I'll try another ep some time but I don't think I'll ever get over this

29 Shell Game
Aug 19 03:44pm
Achilles' Heelies: Yeah, what part of a blowjob is 'DRENG'?

30 Hux
Aug 19 01:54pm

308: Is It Edible? (post #28)

Okay, do people genuinely not remember that Joel Veitch was a fairly well-known Flash animator for a while, and the Quizno's commercial was based on one of his works?
Neal, August 18, 2019, 03:53:29 pm
yeah! i really appreciated that reference. he made rathergoodstuff and i was obsessed with those creatures as a kid. they’re called spongmonkeys by the way.
i still know all the words to his lolcat song he did. i am not proud of this.
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